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About Keith Kohler

I get deals done and I help companies grow.

In every engagement/relationship my goal is to make a significant impact on your business via obtaining financing and/or by providing strategic advisory services. I fully draw upon my talents and abilities cultivated and refined not just in finance but also in operational roles across a wide variety of industries from consumer products to education to consulting to entertainment to technology to online media to food manufacturing.

Coming out of Wharton, early in my career I worked in multiple Fortune 500 companies that helped me develop a solid analytical toolkit and a commitment to fact and numbers-based decision-making.

Yet my greatest lessons have been learned and all my “street cred” has been earned through multiple successes and failures in my post-corporate life. In the last 15 years, I have founded, invested in, and sold two small businesses while also financing, advising, and educating hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners.

So I’m not a “banker” or a “finance guy.” I’m your analyst, your advocate, your supporter, your fighter, your networker, and your closer.

I’ve personally lived many of the same accomplishments and challenges that you have as a business owner, and that – combined with my deal-making, advisory capabilities, and record of achievement — is what makes me best qualified to do this work and deliver game-changing results for you.

Let’s work together.

I earned my MBA in Finance from the Wharton School and a MA in Brazilian/Latin American Studies from the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania, and also received my Bachelor’s in Foreign Service cum laude from Georgetown University.

Let's work together