Taza Chocolate

Working with Keith expanded our view of what could be achieved with debt financing, and connected us with lending partners to re-finance our debt and improve our cash position. This ultimately allowed us to continue to scale our business without having to go through a substantial equity round.

– Alex Whitmore
Founder and Managing Director Taza Chocolate

Dang Foods

Keith Kohler rocks. Period. He went through our financials with a fine tooth combine and provided strong insights about our Company, particularly through the lens of a potential debt or equity investor. Additionally, he has helped in recommending debt instruments specific for our needs, in referring strong lenders, and in coaching me through the loan negotiations process, whereby I was able to increase my line of credit balance by 30%+ and cut down on loan fees . He has been a strong adviser and mentor to our Company thus far, and we look forward to working with him going forward.
Simply put, Keith Kohler makes your life easier when it comes to strategizing your debt or equity financing needs.

– Andrew K.
CFO/COO at Dang Foods

ReadyCap Lending

Keith is an SBA loan consultant and as an SBA lender, I work closely with Keith to help small businesses get funded. Keith works closely with the business owner to structure the deal, negotiate with 3rd parties, and maneuver the client through the — sometimes cumbersome — SBA process. Keith provides MASSIVE VALUE to the borrower — he makes the transaction happen smoother and faster and I can say that definitively. I would recommend any small business looking for $500k to $15mm in funding to work with Keith because I’ve seen him successfully fund loans on both ends of that spectrum. In the SBA lending world, you, as a business owner, need someone like Keith in your corner.

– Ray Drew
SBA BDO at ReadyCap Lending